Saturday, July 13, 2013

BBQ LOG | #3 15 Hours Smoked Boston Butt

BBQ Log: Smoked Boston Butt

In preparation of pep's grande b day, we're smoking a boston butt, pork shoulder on the bone, the day prior.  

American Cut of Pork
Equipments Masterbuilt 30 in electric digital smoker
What are we smokin'? 7.55lb Organic Boston Butt (upper part of shoulder from front leg and bone-in)
Environment 07.05.13. Sunny. Windy. Smokin' on deck. outside temp 65°F
hope I don't mess this one up....

please note that all recipes here are modified based on what I have on hand.
Jeff Phillips' Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue
Boston Butt: Revised Big Bald BBQ Rub + Dijon mustard

Sauce: Memphis BBQ Sauce #2

Char-Broil 2lb bag (179 in3)
Wood apple chips every 35 mins for 5 hours
Time 90min/lb for pork shoulder (11.25 hrs); or internal temp reach 205°F
Smoking Temp  225°F

Game plan? Rub BBR rub all over boston butt with dijon mustard as sticking agent (don't have yellow mustard on hand.)  stick in smoker at 225°F for 11 hours or so.  Start checking meat temp at 8th/9th hour since Pep thinks our organic butt is leaner, therefore might cook faster. take out once boston butt internal temp reach 205°F 

What happened?
Start 12:30pBoston butt officially in smoker, added wood chips (will continue to add wood every 30 mins for first 5 hours)  Might need to pick up more wood chips.
4:30pm (4 hrs in)  insert meat temp probe.  continue to load chips for 1-2 more hours.  probe read at 147°F 
6:30pm (6 hrs in)  loaded last batch of wood chips
7:30pm (7 hrs in)  probe read at 154°F 
8:40pm (8 hrs 10 mins in)  probe read: taylor @ 156°F , masterbuild at @ 153°F
9pm-1:30am had too many shots of grey goose and passed out on the couch
moist & delicious
1:30am (13 hrs in) holy smoke... probe surprisingly read: taylor @ 178°F , masterbuild at @ 173°F umm... hello... it's not done yet?!  cranked up the smoker temp to 250°F
2:30am (14 hrs in) probe read: taylor @ 183°F , masterbuild at @ 179°F... uber sleepy and wanted to vomit
3:30am (15 hrs in) probe read: taylor @ 195°F , masterbuild at @ 190°F...  pulled out pork butt... waited 30 mins and sleep-pulled the pork butt.  meat came out to be really juicy and bone came right off. 
Next time
gotta start the night prior maybe at 9pm, so it'll be done 9am-12pm next day when i have the energy to monitor the meat and actually have time to enjoy my first bite right off the smoker.  All in all, SUCCESS!

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